Voyager Digital Wireless WiSight RV BackUp Camera for Pre-Wired Vehicles WVH100

  • WiSight Digital Wireless Technology
  • Works with WVOM541AP and the WVOM43 monitors
  • High-performance color optics, Waterproof
  • CMOS sensor, IR LED low-light assist
  • 12VDC, Integrated Audio Microphone, Wide-angle view
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The Voyager WVH100 Digital Wireless WiSight RV Observation Camera is purpose-built for RVs equipped with the Voyager WiSight Technology prewire plate. This prewire plate is located at the rear of the RV trailer and can be easily accessed by removing it, revealing a pre-installed 12-volt DC socket already connected to the RV's electrical system. The camera included in this system can be effortlessly plugged into the pre-wired socket and securely mounted using the provided screws. What sets this system apart is its patented WiSight Technology, allowing the camera to transmit real-time footage to a new or existing Voyager monitor, even during high-speed travel.

Key Features:

  • Wireless Connectivity: Utilizes WiSight Digital Wireless Technology for reliable wireless connections.
  • Monitor Compatibility: Compatible with WVOM541AP and WVOM43 monitors (available separately).
  • Optimal Image Quality: Employs high-performance color optics and a CMOS sensor for exceptional image clarity.
  • Low-Light Performance: Equipped with IR LED technology to capture clear footage in low-light conditions.
  • Weatherproof Design: Built to withstand the elements with a waterproof rating of IPX6.
  • Audio Enhancement: Features an integrated audio microphone for capturing ambient sounds.
  • Wide-Angle Perspective: Offers a wide-angle view for comprehensive coverage.
  • Efficient Power Consumption: Operates efficiently at 12VDC, ensuring minimal power usage.
  • Dimensions: Measures 5.52" x 3.0" x 2.82" and weighs 10.56 oz.
  • Video Output Format: Outputs video in NTSC format with a 1.0V p-p signal level and 75Ω impedance.
  • Sensor and Resolution: Utilizes a 1/3" CMOS sensor with 380 lines of resolution.
  • View Angles: Provides a 135°(D) horizontal, 102°(H) diagonal, and 72°(V) vertical viewing angles.
  • Operating Conditions: Functions within a temperature range of -20°F to 65°F and a relative humidity of 100%.
  • Storage Conditions: Suitable for storage in temperatures ranging from -30°F to 85°F.
  • Image Orientation: Displays images in a mirror-reversed format for user convenience.

Elevate RV safety with the Voyager WVH100 RV Observation Camera. Stay aware, even in challenging conditions, for a more enjoyable journey.

UPC: 681787022975

Reasons to get the Voyager Digital Wireless WiSight RV BackUp Camera for Pre-Wired Vehicles WVH100:

  • WiSight Digital Wireless Technology.
  • Works with WVOM541AP and the WVOM43 monitors.
  • High-performance color optics, Waterproof.
  • CMOS sensor, IR LED low-light assist.
  • 12VDC, Integrated Audio Microphone, Wide-angle view.

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