RV Dinette Cushions - Altoona

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With excellent PolyHyde or woven fabric, 4" thick foam, and an easy installation, Thomas Payne RV dinette cushions are the ideal upgrade or replacement for your old, worn-out cushions. Considering how important the dinette is to your living area and the hub of activity within your camper or RV, it is always a wise decision to invest in high-quality replacement dinette cushions. Your family gathers at the dinette to eat meals, play games, and unwind on rainy days. With their quality PolyHyde vinyl surface, Thomas Payne replacement cushions are made to withstand the heavy use of your gathering area. The soft but sturdy vinyl is resistant to spills and everyday use. Simply wipe it off after each meal to clean it up.

The cushions' simple shape makes it simple and quick to clean up after use. Each cushion has a velcro backing that makes it easy to remove when needed and maintains the cushion in place while in use. For added assurance, the PolyHyde comes with a five-year hydrolysis warranty. Installation of Thomas Payne improvements for your RV dining cushions couldn't be simpler. Simply remove the outdated ones and insert the fresh ones. You may instantly give your RV a new look thanks to this simple process. The dinette cushions from Thomas Payne are both fashionable and cozy.

They come in four different color options so you can match your Thomas Payne furniture for a uniform appearance throughout your RV. They are made with 4" thick, high-density foam for a comfortable seat. To accommodate your booth-style RV dinette (not compatible with U-shaped dinettes), choose from a variety of sizes.


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