MORryde STP-4-26-33H Strut-Assist StepAbove RV Entry Step - 4 Step, 36.5-42.5" Height, 8" Rise, 26" Door Width

  • Effortless Operation
  • Impressive Weight Capacity
  • Stability on Any Terrain
  • Bounce-Free Entry and Exit
  • Universal Fit
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Introducing the Step Above with Strut Assist, a groundbreaking innovation in RV entry step systems that's set to redefine your camping experience. With effortless operation and unparalleled stability, this self-contained marvel is designed to take your RV adventures to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Operation: Easily lift and lower the step with one finger – no more struggling with heavy RV steps or safety concerns during entry and exit.
  • Sure-Footing and Stability: Enjoy secure footing, eliminate bouncing during RV entry and exit, and conquer uneven terrain with adjustable feet for ultimate stability and peace of mind.
  • Impressive Weight Capacity: Built to handle up to 500 lbs., these steps are perfect for solo travelers or groups, ensuring comfort and safety for all.

Upgrade your RV experience with the industry's first self-contained, ground-stable RV entry step system. Invest in Step Above with Strut Assist and enjoy effortless operation, unmatched stability, and a new level of confidence every time you enter or exit your RV. Make every step count – choose Step Above today!

UPC: 94922006332

Reasons to get the MORryde STP-4-26-33H Strut-Assist StepAbove RV Entry Step - 4 Step, 36.5-42.5" Height, 8" Rise, 26" Door Width:

  • Effortless Operation. Lift and lower the step effortlessly with just one finger, making RV entry and exit a breeze.
  • Impressive Weight Capacity. With a robust 500 lb. weight capacity, these steps can accommodate a wide range of users and gear.
  • Stability on Any Terrain. Adjustable feet ensure stability on uneven terrain, providing a secure platform for your RV adventures.
  • Bounce-Free Entry and Exit. Say goodbye to the discomfort of bouncing in and out of your RV; these steps provide a stable and secure transition.
  • Universal Fit. Designed to fit a wide range of RVs, with a height range from 36.5" to 42.5", an 8" rise, and a 26" door width, making them suitable for various RV models.

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