Solid Step Entry Assist Handrail for 5th Wheel RVs, Travel Trailers and Motorhomes

  • Enhanced Stability
  • Effortless Storage
  • Customizable Height
  • Rugged Durability
  • Simple Installation
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Struggling with slippery conditions or nighttime entries in your RV? The Solid Step® Entry Assist Handrail by Lippert™ offers the added support and safety you've been looking for.

Key Features:

  • Easy Installation: Effortless setup with provided brackets, backing plate, and hardware for quick security.
  • Universal Design: Fits Generation 3 Triple or Quad Solid Steps, with adjustable height up to 5 inches to match various door widths without hindrance.
  • Locking Pins for Security: Ensure safety with locking pins that hold the handrail securely during use and allow for easy removal when needed. No constant removal required for storage.
  • Durable Construction: Powder-coated finish guarantees outdoor durability, ensuring long-lasting safety and peace of mind.
  • Compatible with Lippert Solid Step: Designed to seamlessly fit Lippert Solid Step, Generation 3 Triple, and Quad assemblies.
  • Adaptable on Any Terrain: Individual leg extensions for stability on any surface, while recessed feet minimize tripping hazards and maximize clearance.
  • Easy Storage: Fold steps into the entry doorway, securely locking them in place until your next use, simplifying your RVing experience.

Experience worry-free RVing with the Solid Step Entry Assist Handrail by Lippert, the upgrade your RV needs for your next big trip.

UPC: 848150059680

Reasons to get the Solid Step Entry Assist Handrail for 5th Wheel RVs, Travel Trailers and Motorhomes:

  • Enhanced Stability: Experience improved safety and ease while entering and exiting your RV.
  • Effortless Storage: Conveniently stow this handrail inside your RV's doorway alongside the Solid Step.
  • Customizable Height: Easily adjust the handrail's height by up to 5 inches to accommodate various door widths up to 36".
  • Rugged Durability: Built to withstand outdoor challenges with its durable black, powder-coated finish, just like your RV steps.
  • Simple Installation: Enjoy a quick and hassle-free DIY installation with all the necessary mounting hardware included. Please note, it is not compatible with Solid Step XF.

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