STP-3-26-29H Strut-Assist StepAbove RV Entry Step - 3 Step, 31.5-37.5" Height, 9" Rise, 26" Door Width

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Are you tired of struggling with cumbersome and unstable RV entry steps? Say goodbye to those hassles with the industry's groundbreaking innovation: the Step Above with Strut Assist – your ultimate self-contained, ground-stable RV entry step system.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Operation: Easily lift and lower the step with a single finger touch, eliminating the need for strenuous effort and making every entry and exit a breeze.
  • Unmatched Stability: Our Step Above with Strut Assist ensures unparalleled stability, eliminating bouncing during RV entry and exit. Enjoy a solid and secure footing for utmost safety and confidence.
  • Adaptable to Any Terrain: Conquer any terrain with ease. Our adjustable feet provide stability on uneven surfaces, allowing you to confidently explore diverse destinations, from wooded campsites to sandy beaches.
  • Impressive Weight Capacity: With a robust 500 lbs. weight capacity, the Step Above with Strut Assist is designed to accommodate travelers of all sizes and withstand the demands of RV life. Perfect for families and solo adventurers.

Upgrade your RV experience with the Step Above with Strut Assist – where effortless operation, unrivaled stability, and remarkable strength come together. Make every journey a step above the rest!

UPC: 094922006325

Reasons to get the STP-3-26-29H Strut-Assist StepAbove RV Entry Step - 3 Step, 31.5-37.5" Height, 9" Rise, 26" Door Width:

Additional info:

  • Feature1 - Effortless Operation: Effortlessly lift and lower the step with just one finger for unmatched convenience during every entry and exit.
  • Feature2 - Impressive Weight Capacity: With a robust 500 lb. weight capacity, it can accommodate travelers of various sizes, ensuring strength and durability.
  • Feature3 - Adaptive Stability: Adjustable feet provide stability on any terrain, making it perfect for uneven ground, so you can confidently explore diverse destinations.
  • Feature4 - Bounce-Free Entry: Say goodbye to discomfort! This step system eliminates bouncing in and out of your RV, providing a solid and secure footing for maximum safety.
  • Feature5 - Customizable Fit: With dimensions of 31.5-37.5" height, 9" rise, and 26" door width, it's designed to fit your RV perfectly, ensuring a tailored and snug fit.
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