55370 Vented RV/Marine Battery Box

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Introducing Camco's Vented RV/Marine Double Side-By-Side Battery Box - the ultimate safeguard for your RV or marine batteries.

Key Features:

  • Protective Design: Engineered for durability, this battery box shields your batteries from damage, ensuring peak performance and longevity.
  • Double Battery Capacity: Store two group 24 batteries, providing ample power for your adventures.
  • Easy Installation: Universally compatible with 3/8-inch ring terminals, our battery box simplifies setup.
  • Safety Assurance: Innovative vented design expels hazardous gases, securing your batteries in confined spaces.
  • User-Friendly: Equipped with 3/8-inch stud terminals, this box offers convenience and versatility.
  • Compact Fit: Measuring 17 5/8" x 15 ½" x 13 7/8" (with vents) and 17 5/8" x 15 ½" x 11 7/8" (without vents), it snugly fits your batteries.
  • Comprehensive Package: Your purchase includes everything you need for installation and maintenance.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our battery box meets U.S. Coast Guard CFR 183.420 and ABYC E-10.7 standards, ensuring peace of mind.

Invest in the Camco Vented RV/Marine Double Side-By-Side Battery Box today and enjoy worry-free power on all your RV and marine adventures. Order now and experience the Camco difference!

UPC: 014717553704

Reasons to get the 55370 Vented RV/Marine Battery Box:

Additional info:

  • Feature1 - Robust Battery Protection: Safeguard your RV/marine battery from collisions and contaminants while accommodating (2) group 24 batteries.
  • Feature2 - Universal Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with 3/8-inch ring terminals on battery cables, ensuring easy installation.
  • Feature3 - Enhanced Safety: The vented design actively expels hazardous gases, allowing secure storage within confined spaces. It also features 3/8-inch stud terminals for added safety.
  • Feature4 - Comprehensive Kit: Your purchase includes a complete package of essential components, making setup and maintenance hassle-free.
  • Feature5 - Compliant and Reliable: Built to meet U.S. Coast Guard CFR 183.420 and ABYC E-10.7 specifications, our durable polymer battery box guarantees regulatory compliance and peace of mind.
  • SC - 175.00
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