Replacement Strap Battery Tray in RVs

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Say goodbye to the hassle of worn-out battery tray straps with the Lippert™ Exact-Match Replacement Strap for Kwikee® Battery Tray Slide. Our high-quality replacement straps are designed to be a perfect match for your original Kwikee equipment, ensuring a seamless installation process.

Key Features:

  • Precise Compatibility: Our replacement straps are crafted to replicate the exact design of your original Kwikee® battery tray strap, ensuring a hassle-free installation. No modifications or adjustments needed.
  • Easy Access: Kwikee battery trays are renowned for their convenience in accessing your RV's equipment. With our replacement strap, you can maintain that ease of use. The fully assembled battery trays feature smooth ball bearing and roller bearing movement, making it simpler than ever to access your gear.
  • Tray Not Included: Please note that this product is specifically a replacement strap for your Kwikee® battery tray slide. The battery tray itself is not included.
  • Trusted Brand: Lippert is a trusted name in the world of RV, towing, and marine products. We are dedicated to enhancing your recreational experiences, whether you're on the road or out on the water. Our commitment is to continually innovate and improve our products to make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable, no matter where or when.

Elevate your RV experience with the Lippert™ Exact-Match Replacement Strap for Kwikee® Battery Tray Slide. Get yours today and ensure your equipment stays accessible and secure during your journeys. Enjoy the great outdoors with the peace of mind that Lippert™ products provide.

UPC: 848150025302

Reasons to get the Replacement Strap Battery Tray in RVs:

Additional info:

  • Feature1 - Perfect Fit: Our replacement strap is tailor-made for Kwikee battery tray assemblies, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free replacement experience.
  • Feature2 - Ideal Dimensions: Measuring 33 inches in length and 3/4 inch in width, this replacement strap is designed to meet the exact specifications of your original equipment.
  • Feature3 - Secure Attachment: The strap includes durable metal hooks at each end, guaranteeing a reliable and secure connection, preventing any accidental drops or mishaps.
  • Feature4 - Easy Installation: You can quickly and effortlessly replace your old strap with this exact-match component, saving you time and effort.
  • Feature5 - Note of Clarification: Please be aware that this product includes the replacement strap only, and the battery tray itself is not part of the package.
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