On-Board Air Compressor High Performance 12 Volt for Air Locker Differentials and Tire Inflation CKMA12

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For off-road enthusiasts, the ARB 4x4 Air Compressor is the ultimate must-have accessory. Trusted globally, it enhances your adventures with unmatched advantages.

Key Featres:

  • On-Demand Air: ARB 4x4 Air Compressor delivers compressed air at your fingertips, wherever your 12 or 24-volt power source takes you. No more searching for air pumps – inflate your tires whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Tire Performance: Adapt to changing terrains with ease. Adjust your tire pressure for highway or rugged off-road adventures, enhancing traction and conquering challenging landscapes.
  • Emergency Repairs: Off-road challenges are no match for the ARB Air Compressor. Quickly reinflate repaired tires and keep your adventure rolling, even after multiple punctures.
  • Reliable Testing: Our compressors undergo rigorous factory testing, including leak, current draw, and flow tests under load. Backed by a 2-year warranty, trust in your gear on every adventure.
  • Exceptional Support: ARB takes pride in exceptional after-sales service. Easily source replacement components when needed, ensuring uninterrupted journeys.

Choose the ARB 4x4 Air Compressor for more than just a product; it brings independence, peace of mind, and the confidence to elevate your off-road adventures. Make it your ultimate off-road companion.

UPC: 881348007223

Reasons to get the On-Board Air Compressor High Performance 12 Volt for Air Locker Differentials and Tire Inflation CKMA12:

Additional info:

  • Feature1 - Premium Construction: Crafted from lightweight, high-strength engineering-grade materials for durability.
  • Feature2 - Quiet and Long-Lasting: Quality components ensure quiet operation and an extended product life.
  • Feature3 - Reduced Friction: Hard-anodized cylinder bore minimizes friction, enhancing efficiency.
  • Feature4 - Moisture and Dust Protection: Sealed design guards against moisture and dust, ensuring reliability.
  • Feature5 - Professional Circuit Protection: Equipped with a heavy-duty maxi-fuse for reliable in-line circuit protection.
  • SC - 175.00
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