On-Board Twin High Performance Air Compressor, 12v

  • Durable Motor
  • Top Airflow
  • Easy Installation
  • Safety Features
  • Precision Engineering
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Elevate your off-road adventures and tackle tough tasks with ease using ARB's latest innovation, the CKMTA12 and CKMTA24 twin on-board compressor kits. Designed to meet the demands of both outdoor enthusiasts and professionals, these compact yet high-volume compressed air sources are here to revolutionize the way you work and play.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: Measuring just 10.9 inches in length, 7.5 inches in width, and 4.1 inches in height, these compressors are impressively compact, allowing for easy installation in tight spaces.
  • High-Volume Airflow: The CKMTA12 and CKMTA24 are built to deliver a powerful and consistent airflow, making them ideal for a wide range of air-powered tools. Whether you're inflating tires, running pneumatic tools, or operating air suspension systems, these compressors have the capacity to meet your needs.
  • Perfect for ARB Air Lockers: Designed with ARB Air Locker users in mind, these compressors offer precise actuation and control, ensuring your locker functions flawlessly in challenging off-road conditions. ARB's commitment to quality and durability means you can trust these compressors to perform when it matters most.
  • Built to Last: Crafted to withstand the harshest environments, ARB's compressors are rugged, reliable, and built to last. They're engineered to thrive in the same demanding conditions that ARB users encounter, so you can trust them to keep you moving forward.

Upgrade today and conquer the challenges that lie ahead with ARB's trusted on-board compressor kits.

UPC: 09332018003836

Reasons to get the On-Board Twin High Performance Air Compressor, 12v:

  • Durable Motor: Sealed, 100% ball-bearing motors with a linear brush pre-load system for longevity, low heat, and quiet operation.
  • Top Airflow: Compact twin motor, dual cylinder design offers the market's highest airflow at 174LPM (6.16CFM).
  • Easy Installation: Full wiring loom included for plug-and-play connectivity to Air Locker control solenoids (solenoid mount kit required).
  • Safety Features: Thermal protection, over-pressure valve, and dual Maxi-Fuses ensure safety and redundancy.
  • Precision Engineering: Heavy-duty roller bearings, anodized cylinder bores, and PTFE piston seals for minimal friction and maximum lifespan.

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