Solera Smart Arm™ 12V RV Awning Arms & Hardware Kit

$874.95 - $899.99


Solera Smart Arm™ 12V RV Awning Arms & Hardware Kit


Reasons to get the Solera Smart Arm™ 12V RV Awning Arms & Hardware Kit:

Additional info:

  • Feature1 - 12V POWER EXTEND AND RETRACT OPERATION — Use either the nested arm controller or traditional switches to extend and retract your 5th wheel RV or travel trailer’s awning
  • Feature2 - ONE-TOUCH SAFETY LOCK BUTTON — In order to operate the Smart Arm, the one-touch safety lock button must be initiated. The safety lock ensures that your settings are just how you left them
  • Feature3 - AWNING RAIL LIGHTING CONTROL — Awning lights (sold separately) can be turned on or off outside your RV by simply pressing the lighting button
  • Feature4 - OPTIONAL MULTI-LEVEL WIND SENSING TECHNOLOGY — With three different levels of wind sensitivity, this sensor automatically retracts your awning when inclement weather arrives (Wind Sensor sold separately)
  • Feature5 - OPTIONAL INFRARED SECURITY SYSTEM —This feature will activate the optional IR Security Sensor, providing added security and convenience. The awning lights will illuminate in the automatic setting when the photocell senses heat and motion (Infrared Se
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