Smart Arm™ 12V RV Awning Arms & Hardware Kit

$874.95 - $899.99
  • Effortless 12V Power Operation
  • One-Touch Safety Lock
  • Enhanced Ambiance with Awning Lighting
  • Optional Wind Sensing Technology
  • Optional Infrared Security


Experience unparalleled convenience and safety with the Solera 12V Smart Arm 63" Awning Hardware Kit. Designed to elevate your outdoor experience, this kit is the perfect addition to your 5th wheel RV or travel trailer. With its cutting-edge features and weatherproof design, it's a must-have for any adventure-seeking traveler.

Key Features:

  • Effortless 12V Power Operation: Easily extend and retract your awning with the Solera Smart Arm, saving you from manual effort. Control it with a user-friendly nested arm controller or traditional switches.
  • One-Touch Safety Lock: Initiate the safety lock button for peace of mind, ensuring your awning settings remain unchanged during operation.
  • Awning Rail Lighting Control: Manage awning lights (sold separately) effortlessly to set the perfect outdoor mood and enjoy evenings outside your RV.
  • Optional Wind Sensing Technology: Add an optional Wind Sensor for protection. It offers three wind sensitivity levels, automatically retracting your awning during inclement weather for safety.
  • Optional Infrared Security: Consider the optional Infrared Security Sensor for extra security and convenience. It detects heat and motion, activating awning lights in automatic mode for added safety and ease.

Upgrade your RV or travel trailer with the Solera 12V Smart Arm 63" Awning Hardware Kit and elevate your outdoor living experience. With easy power operation, enhanced safety features, and optional add-ons for maximum convenience, this kit is a game-changer for any outdoor enthusiast.


Reasons to get the Smart Arm™ 12V RV Awning Arms & Hardware Kit:

  • Effortless 12V Power Operation: Say goodbye to manual work - effortlessly extend and retract your awning with user-friendly controls.
  • One-Touch Safety Lock: Prioritize safety - keep your awning settings intact with a single touch for peace of mind.
  • Enhanced Ambiance with Awning Lighting: Easily control awning lights for the perfect outdoor atmosphere.
  • Optional Wind Sensing Technology: Stay protected with an optional Wind Sensor that automatically retracts your awning in changing weather.
  • Optional Infrared Security: Add an Infrared Security Sensor for extra safety and convenience, illuminating your awning lights when motion is detected.

Additional info:

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