Solera Slide Topper OEM Prep Bracket - Black

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LCI has pre-install Solera Slide Topper Prepped Plates onto several of the most popular RV brands on the market. These coaches will arrive on dealer lots ready to accept the Solera Slide Topper Access Kit (sold separately). Most importantly, LCI is installing the Solera Slide Topper Prepped Plates with the goal of making the installation of Solera Slide Toppers easier than ever. UPC: 848150059659

Reasons to get the Solera Slide Topper OEM Prep Bracket - Black:

Additional info:

  • Feature1 - Preinstalled brackets allow for quick and easy Slide Topper installation
  • Feature2 - Slide Toppers help keep the inside of the coach free of leaves, dirt, and debris
  • Feature3 - Slide Toppers add a modern aesthetic to any RV
  • Feature4 - Prepped Access Plates makes Slide Topper installation quick and easy; dramatically cutting down installation time
  • Feature5 - Compatible only with Solera® brand Slide Toppers by Lippert™
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