Marshall Gas Controls Stay-Longer Propane Adapter Kit , black MER472

  • Ultimate Flexibility
  • Prolonged Usage
  • Premium Brass Tee
  • Durable 5' Hose
  • Hassle-Free Propane
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Are you tired of running out of propane in the middle of your outdoor adventures? The Stay-Longer Propane Kits are here to revolutionize your LP-Gas experience, offering you unmatched flexibility and convenience. Say goodbye to those inconvenient propane shortages and hello to extended outdoor enjoyment!

Key Features:

  • Extended Stay Capability: Enjoy prolonged propane use with our expertly crafted Stay-Longer Propane Kits, perfect for camping, tailgating, or outdoor adventures. Say goodbye to propane worries.
  • Dual Fueling Options: Get flexibility with two choices. Connect auxiliary LP-Gas cylinders for uninterrupted propane supply or tap into your RV's LP-Gas system to power portable high-pressure appliances, enhancing versatility.
  • High-Quality Components: Our kit includes premium brass tee connection (ME420) and a 5' hose (MER401-60) for durability and safety. The brass tee features .9 GPM excess flow male hard nose POL x female POL x 1”-20 male x 1/4” female inverted flare, and the hose has .9 GPM excess flow male POL x 1/4” male inverted flare for worry-free outdoor experiences.

Don't let propane shortages put a damper on your outdoor fun. Upgrade your LP-Gas setup with the Stay-Longer Propane Kit and enjoy extended, hassle-free propane usage on all your adventures. Whether you're grilling, heating, or powering appliances, this kit has you covered. Get yours today and experience the freedom to stay longer and play longer!

UPC: 815505010412

Reasons to get the Marshall Gas Controls Stay-Longer Propane Adapter Kit , black MER472:

  • Ultimate Flexibility: Our kit adapts to any LP-Gas setup, offering universal fit.
  • Prolonged Usage: Stay outdoors longer with auxiliary cylinder support and RV LP-Gas access for high-pressure appliances.
  • Premium Brass Tee: Included ME420 brass tee ensures safe and efficient propane flow.
  • Durable 5' Hose: Kit includes a 5' hose (MER401-60) for secure propane transfer.
  • Hassle-Free Propane: Upgrade your outdoor experience with Stay-Longer Propane Kits.

Additional info:

About Marshall Excelsior

Embark on a journey of reliable gas management with Marshall Excelsior, a brand meticulously curated at RV Gear Pro, dedicated to providing superior propane and gas control solutions for your RV. Marshall Excelsior's range of products, including regulators, fittings, and adapters, embodies the brand's commitment to safety, quality, and performance. Each product is engineered to ensure a secure and efficient gas flow, ensuring your RV's propane systems operate seamlessly, making your travels safe and hassle-free.

Choosing Marshall Excelsior is a step towards a safe and efficient propane management experience. The brand's legacy of developing robust and reliable gas control solutions is reflected in their range of products, setting a high standard for gas safety and efficiency in the RV industry. Explore the Marshall Excelsior collection at RV Gear Pro, and equip your RV with gas control solutions that promise to provide a solid foundation of safety and efficiency, ensuring every journey is undertaken with confidence and peace of mind.