FIRST ALERT Personal Fire Extinguisher, FE5R-PWCNA , White

  • Marine-Grade Assurance
  • Certified Performance
  • Effective Fire Suppression
  • Simple Pressure Check
  • Lightweight and Compact
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Introducing the First Alert Marine/Home Fire Extinguisher, FE5R-PWCNA: Your reliable defense against fires on watercraft and at home.

Key Features:

  • Peace of Mind: The FE5R-PWCNA ensures peace of mind for fire safety, both on water and at home.
  • Marine-Grade: Proudly meets U.S. Coast Guard standards, guaranteeing reliability on watercraft.
  • Versatile: UL rated 5-B:C, suitable for flammable liquids and electrical fires.
  • Compact: At 12.75 inches, it fits watercraft containers and mounts easily with the included bracket.

Act now and protect what matters most with the First Alert Marine/Home Fire Extinguisher, the ultimate choice for safety and peace of mind. Get yours today!

UPC: 29054003744

Reasons to get the FIRST ALERT Personal Fire Extinguisher, FE5R-PWCNA , White:

  • Marine-Grade Assurance. Meets U.S. Coast Guard Size I requirements, ensuring reliability for marine use.
  • Certified Performance. C.
  • Effective Fire Suppression. Equipped with a dry chemical fire extinguishing agent containing sodium bicarbonate, capable of extinguishing flammable liquid and electrical equipment fires.
  • Simple Pressure Check. Easy pressure testing with a push-button feature; if the button pops back out, the unit is full and ready for immediate use.
  • Lightweight and Compact. Weighing only 1.4 lbs. and measuring 12.75 x 3.13 x 3.88 inches, it easily fits into personal watercraft fire extinguisher containers for convenient storage and accessibility.

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