Pro-Tec Rubber Roof Cleaner - (41068)

  • Tailored for Hard/TPO RV Roofs
  • Professional Strength Cleaning
  • Surfactants and Conditioners
  • Efficient Streak and Film Removal
  • Extended Roof Life
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Experience the power of Camco's Pro-Strength Pro-Tec Rubber Roof Cleaner – the essential first step in a two-step treatment process designed to rejuvenate and safeguard your rubber roof. This exceptional product boasts a range of features that make it a must-have for any roof maintenance routine

Key Features:

  • Black Streak Removal: Say goodbye to those unsightly black streaks that mar the appearance of your rubber roof. Our cleaner effectively eliminates them, leaving your roof looking pristine.
  • Oxidation Buster: Combat the damaging effects of oxidation on your rubber roof. Our formula targets oxidation and helps restore the roof's original luster.
  • Road Film Buildup Fighter: Road film buildup is no match for our Pro-Tec Rubber Roof Cleaner. It tackles tough residues, ensuring your roof is free from dirt, grime, and road debris.
  • Protective Formula: This product not only cleans but also shields your rubber roof from further damage. Its specially formulated blend of surfactants and conditioners acts as a barrier against the elements, extending the life of your roof.
  • Deep Cleansing: Our cleaner penetrates deep into the rubber roof's pores, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive cleaning experience. It removes dirt and contaminants that may have accumulated over time.
  • Conditioning Benefits: In addition to cleaning, it conditions your rubber roof, helping to keep it supple and resilient. This conditioning action is crucial in preventing cracking and premature wear.
  • Enhanced Longevity: When used in conjunction with Camco 41448 Pro-Strength Pro-Tec Rubber Roof Protectant (sold separately), this cleaner forms a powerful duo that ensures your roof remains in excellent condition for years to come.
  • Generous 1-Gallon Size: Each purchase includes a sizable 1-gallon bottle of our premium formula, ensuring you have an ample supply to tackle multiple cleaning projects.

Elevate your rubber roof maintenance routine with Camco's Pro-Strength Pro-Tec Rubber Roof Cleaner – the ultimate solution that not only cleans but also protects, preserves, and enhances the life of your roof. Give your roof the care it deserves and order yours today!

UPC: 014717410687

Reasons to get the Pro-Tec Rubber Roof Cleaner - (41068):

  • Tailored for Hard/TPO RV Roofs: Specifically designed for hard/TPO RV roofs.
  • Professional Strength Cleaning: Deeply cleans, removing dirt and grime.
  • Surfactants and Conditioners: Formulated with surfactants and conditioners for thorough cleaning and care.
  • Efficient Streak and Film Removal: Removes black streaks and road film with a single application.
  • Extended Roof Life: Helps prolong the life of your RV's roof.

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