Camco 12" Pigtail Propane Hose Connector, RV or Trailer Propane Regulator

  • Effortless Connection
  • 12-inch Hose
  • High BTU Rating
  • Secure Fittings
  • Safety Assurance
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Are you an RV enthusiast, a camping aficionado, or a trailer traveler in search of a reliable propane hose connector? Look no further! Camco's 12" Pigtail Propane Hose Connector is here to revolutionize your propane setup and ensure a safe and hassle-free experience.

Key features: 

  • Effortless Connection: Seamlessly connect your propane cylinder to an RV or trailer propane regulator with our ACME nut x 1/4" inverted male flare for a secure, leak-free fit.
  • High-BTU Performance: Enjoy reliable appliance operation with an impressive 200,000 BTUs per hour rating, providing ample energy for your adventures.
  • Safety First: Prioritizing your safety, our Pigtail Propane Hose Connector includes thermal protection for fire safety and an excess flow protection feature for peace of mind in case of gas line breaks.
  • Versatile Usage: Compatible with 20 lb or 30 lb refillable propane tanks, it easily connects to a regulator or our 4-Port Brass Tee, offering adaptability for various setups, including use as an auxiliary propane supply.

Experience the Camco difference with our 12" Pigtail Propane Hose Connector – a product designed to simplify your propane connections, enhance safety, and empower your outdoor adventures. Trust Camco for reliability, innovation, and peace of mind in every journey.

UPC: 14717590532

Reasons to get the Camco 12" Pigtail Propane Hose Connector, RV or Trailer Propane Regulator:

  • Effortless Connection. Easily links propane cylinders to RV or trailer regulators.
  • 12-inch Hose. Provides versatile reach.
  • High BTU Rating. Supports 200,000 BTUs per hour.
  • Secure Fittings. Includes ACME nut x ¼-inch inverted male flare.
  • Safety Assurance. Equipped with thermal and excess flow protection.

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