White RV Air Conditioner Cover 3023

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When it comes to safeguarding your rooftop air conditioner from the elements, ADCO has you covered. Our ADCO Air Conditioner Covers are engineered to provide unbeatable protection while your AC unit is not in use. Designed with precision and crafted from heavy-duty jersey-backed vinyl, these covers offer superior defense against airborne contaminants and harmful UV rays, ensuring your AC unit stays in peak condition year-round.

Key Features:

  • All-Weather Protection: No matter the season, ADCO Air Conditioner Covers are up to the task. They shield your AC unit from rain, snow, dust, and more, ensuring it remains in pristine condition.
  • Reduce Draft: On chilly days, our covers act as a reliable barrier against drafts, helping you maintain a comfortable indoor environment.
  • Easy Installation: Securing your cover is a breeze thanks to the "parachute" style draw cord, ensuring a snug fit that stays in place even during windy conditions.
  • Built to Last: With non-tearable seams, ADCO Air Conditioner Covers are designed for durability, so you can count on long-lasting protection.
  • Tailored Fit: To ensure the best fit possible, order our covers by the shroud dimensions. This ensures a perfect fit for your New Coleman Mach III Plus, Coleman Mach I, II, III, TSR Models (excluding model #7100 with the new aerodynamic shroud).
  • Polar White Elegance: Our covers come in a classic Polar White color that complements any RV or outdoor setup.

Protect your investment with ADCO Air Conditioner Covers and ensure that your rooftop air conditioner is always ready to provide optimal cooling performance. Don't leave your AC unit exposed to the elements—shield it with ADCO's trusted protection solutions today!

UPC: 723111030239

Reasons to get the White RV Air Conditioner Cover 3023:

Additional info:

  • Feature1 - Rooftop AC Protection: Keep your rooftop air conditioner safe during downtime.
  • Feature2 - Premium Vinyl: Heavy-duty vinyl guards against contaminants and UV rays.
  • Feature3 - Draft Reduction: Minimize cold drafts for improved comfort.
  • Feature4 - Easy Installation: Secure with a simple "parachute" style draw cord.
  • Feature5 - Size 23 Fit: Designed to perfectly match 29"W x 14"D x 43.75"L dimensions.
  • SC - 175.00
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