Trailer Harness Adapters

Looking for RV Lighting that's simple, covers all the bases, and allows your camper to look good too? We have the inexpensive answer to your issues with RV Lights. You need the CamperLite Trailer Harness Adapters.

The CamperLite works just like your interior 12-volt camper lights, using any available power from a connected energy source like campground electricity or your camper battery. CamperLite is easy to install, right over your trailer’s 7-plug wire harness and the tight fit also keeps the electrical connection safe from water.


The CamperLite will work on all pop-ups, travel trailers, and 5th wheels that use the standard 7-plug electrical power connector. The CamperLite is constructed from heavy-duty PVC 70C material and zinc plated terminals, which gives it the sturdiness to last for decades. It measures 1 1/4″ in diameter and 1″ deep.

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