Tire LINC Alert Indicator for RVs and Tow Vehicles

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The Tire Linc® Alert Indicator by Lippert™ is one more way you can stay safe during your RV travels. Add it to the Lippert™ Tire Linc Tire Pressure and Temperature Management System (TPMS) to receive visual and audio cues without your OneControl® app turned on. The Alert Indicator retrieves data from your Tire Linc’s repeater to keep you in the know on the road.Lippert is always thinking about your next adventure! Our extensive series of premium products will enhance every journey you embark upon, whether you’re on the road or on the water. With our broad array of top quality RV, towing, and marine products designed to enhance all of your recreational pursuits, you’ll get the most out of each and every experience for years to come – whenever, wherever your path leads you.