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Elevate your RV experience with the revolutionary Thin Shade™ from Lippert™, a product designed to enhance both style and functionality. We've taken the hassle out of blocking the sun's rays and maintaining your privacy with this integrated pleated window shade, seamlessly incorporated into the entry door window frame.

Key Features:

  • Sun Protection: Bid farewell to the harsh glare of the sun in your RV living space. The Thin Shade™ effectively blocks out unwanted sunlight, helping you regulate the interior temperature and enjoy a comfortable environment.
  • Instant Privacy: Need a moment to yourself? The Thin Shade™ provides instant privacy with its effortless retract and extend operation. Simply pull down on the shade handle, and you'll have the privacy you desire in seconds.
  • Sleek Design: Unlike other sun-blocking solutions that require unsightly snaps or Velcro, the Thin Shade™ boasts a sleek and attractive design. It seamlessly integrates into your entry door window frame, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your RV.
  • No Storage Needed: Say goodbye to the hassle of storing your sun-blocking products when they're not in use. The Thin Shade™ is always ready to perform its duty, making it a practical and convenient addition to your RV.
  • Easy Installation: With the Thin Shade Ready Kit, you can have this innovative solution up and running in minutes. Look for the "Thin Shade Ready" decal on your Lippert™ Entry Door Window, pop the frame out with a screwdriver, install the pleated shade, and then secure the frame back into position. It's that simple!

Upgrade your RV with the Thin Shade™ and experience unmatched style and convenience. Shade and privacy have never looked so good! Choose Lippert™ for quality, innovation, and a better RV lifestyle.

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Reasons to get the Thin Shade - Entry Doors:

Additional info:

  • Feature1 - Sun-Blocking Power: The Thin Shade™ effectively blocks the sun's rays from entering your RV interior, ensuring a comfortable and glare-free living space.
  • Feature2 - Temperature Control: Say goodbye to extreme heat or cold in your RV. This innovative shade helps regulate the interior temperature, ensuring a pleasant environment all year round.
  • Feature3 - Instant Privacy: Need privacy on the go? The Thin Shade™ offers a quick and hassle-free way to create privacy when you need it most.
  • Feature4 - Integrated Convenience: Unlike other shades and reflectors, the Thin Shade™ is seamlessly integrated into your RV door window frame. No more hassle of taking them on and off when not in use.
  • Feature5 - Effortless Operation: Enjoy the convenience of easy extend and retract operation. With no cords to get tangled or knotted, the Thin Shade™ ensures a smooth and trouble-free experience, every time.
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