Thin Shade Complete Window Kit for RV Entry Doors, Black

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Are you tired of the sun glaring through your RV entry door window, invading your privacy and disrupting your peaceful camping experience? Say goodbye to unreliable snap-on panels and hello to the Thin Shade™ Complete Kit by Lippert™, the ultimate solution for RV entry door windows.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Solution: The Thin Shade™ Kit offers complete control over your RV's interior ambiance, providing both soothing shade and privacy, or a clear, unobstructed outdoor view, all in one innovative package.
  • Tailored to RVs: Designed specifically for 5th wheel RVs and travel trailer entry doors by Lippert, it seamlessly integrates into your existing window frame, with easy installation thanks to included hardware, tinted glass window, and stylish black frames.
  • Effortless Operation: Say goodbye to bulky handles and cords – the Thin Shade™ smoothly operates within your RV's entry door frame, allowing you to open and close your door without interference. Simply pull it up or down for your preferred shading and privacy.
  • More Lippert Options: Discover Lippert's extensive range of RV door accessories, from shade protection to keyless lock systems, steps, portable patios, and more, all designed to enhance your outdoor experiences with innovative solutions.

At Lippert, we offer a broad selection of premium RV, towing, and marine products, tailored to elevate your recreational pursuits. Our dedicated team is always thinking about your next journey, continuously pushing the boundaries of our products and services to enhance your time spent outdoors, be it on the road or on the water.

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Reasons to get the Thin Shade Complete Window Kit for RV Entry Doors, Black:

Additional info:

  • Feature1 - Complete Ambiance Control: Easily switch between shading and clear views.
  • Feature2 - Tailored to Your RV: Designed for 5th wheel RVs and travel trailers.
  • Feature3 - Effortless Operation: No bulky handles or cords.
  • Feature4 - Explore Lippert's Range: More RV door accessories and innovations.
  • Feature5 - Elevate Your RV Life: Premium products for your outdoor adventures.
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