Southwire Portable Surge Guard - 34931

  • Complete RV Electrical Protection
  • Continuous Monitoring and Surge Suppression
  • Automatic Reset and Smart Sequences
  • Anti-Theft Security
  • User-Friendly Features
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Ensure peace of mind on your RV adventures with the Surge Guard 34931, your all-in-one solution for comprehensive electrical protection. Whether you're navigating the open road or settling into your favorite campsite, this essential device shields your RV from a wide range of power issues, safeguarding both your investment and your peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Complete RV Protection: Surge Guard 34931 shields your RV from electrical issues, ensuring carefree journeys.
  • Constant Monitoring: Keeps you informed with continuous voltage and amp tracking, and robust surge protection.
  • Anti-Theft Security: A built-in lock ring safeguards your investment.
  • Durable Construction: Commercial-grade brass receptacle for reliability.
  • Automatic Reset: No manual intervention needed during power restoration.
  • Smart Sequences: Start-up and fault delay sequences protect A/C motors.
  • Clear LCD Display: English-language display for user-friendly information.
  • Easy Handling: Convenient Easy-T-Pull™ handles for hassle-free transport.
  • Bluetooth® Compatibility: Works seamlessly with the 40301 Wireless LCD Display (sold separately).

Don't let electrical mishaps ruin your next adventure—choose the Surge Guard 34931 for total RV electrical protection. Your journey, your investment, and your peace of mind deserve nothing less.

UPC: 32886711909

Reasons to get the Southwire Portable Surge Guard - 34931:

  • Complete RV Electrical Protection: Surge Guard 34931 safeguards your RV from electrical issues.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Surge Suppression: Keeps your RV safe with constant monitoring and surge protection.
  • Automatic Reset and Smart Sequences: Protects your appliances and A/C compressor motors automatically.
  • Anti-Theft Security: Includes an anti-theft lock ring for peace of mind.
  • User-Friendly Features: Clear LCD display, easy handling, and compatibility with the Wireless LCD Display enhance convenience and safety.

Additional info:

About Southwire

Venture into a world of reliable electrical solutions with Southwire, a brand diligently curated at RVGearPro, committed to powering your RV adventures with superior electrical products. Southwire's array of products, including cords, adapters, and surge protectors, is a reflection of their dedication to quality and electrical safety. Each product is crafted to ensure a secure and dependable electrical connection, ensuring your RV remains powered up and ready for the journey ahead, no matter the conditions.

Choosing Southwire is synonymous with investing in electrical reliability and safety for your RV. The brand’s legacy of providing durable and innovative electrical solutions is evident in their range of products, setting a foundation of trust and performance in the RV electrical sector. Delve into the Southwire collection at RVGearPro, and equip your RV with electrical solutions that promise to stand the test of time, ensuring every expedition is powered by a brand that echoes reliability and excellence.