Packlite Nova Usb Solar Lantern - 75 Lumens


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Introducing the LuminAID Solar Lanterns - your ticket to lighting up the night, wherever you go! Say goodbye to the hassle of batteries and hello to the power of the sun, all in a compact and portable design that's ready to accompany you on any adventure.

Key Features:

  • Brilliant Illumination: The LuminAID PackLite Nova USB delivers an impressive 75 lumens of bright LED light on Turbo mode, ensuring darkness is no match for its radiant glow.
  • Reliable Versatility: From outdoor adventures to everyday use, this lantern is your steadfast companion. It's perfect for camping, evening strolls, poolside ambiance, emergency situations, and outdoor gatherings.
  • Solar-Powered Convenience: Recharge with ease using solar energy – just 10-12 hours of sunlight provide a full night's illumination. When time is limited, a quick 1-hour USB charge keeps you lit for up to 24 hours on Low mode. Efficiency meets power in one compact lantern.

Don't let the darkness hold you back. Embrace the convenience, reliability, and eco-friendliness of the LuminAID PackLite Nova USB, and light up your world wherever you roam. Get yours today and let the adventure begin!


Reasons to get the Packlite Nova Usb Solar Lantern - 75 Lumens:

Additional info:

  • Feature1 - Brilliant Illumination: 75 lumens of bright LED light with multiple settings for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Feature2 - Durable & Safe: Lightweight, inflatable, waterproof, and child-safe design.
  • Feature3 - Versatile Use: Ideal for camping, emergencies, parties, and more.
  • Feature4 - Extended Runtime: Up to 24 hours of light on a single charge, no batteries needed.
  • Feature5 - Easy Charging: Recharge via solar or USB in 1-2 hours.
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Step into a realm of innovative illumination with LuminAID, a brand elegantly curated at RVGearPro, dedicated to providing portable and solar-powered lighting solutions for your RV adventures. LuminAID's range of products, including compact solar lanterns and phone chargers, epitomizes the brand's commitment to sustainable and portable illumination. Each product is meticulously designed to offer reliable lighting and charging solutions, ensuring you stay connected and well-lit, whether you are on the road or camping under the stars.

Choosing LuminAID is a nod to embracing eco-friendly and portable lighting solutions that brighten up your RV lifestyle. The brand's dedication to creating sustainable and innovative lighting solutions is apparent in their range of products, making a significant difference in the RV and outdoor industry. Explore the LuminAID collection at RVGearPro, and equip your RV with lighting solutions that are not only reliable and portable but also a step towards a greener and more sustainable RVing experience.