Equal-i-zer 84004150 One-Step XL Wheel Chock

  • Positive Wheel Lock
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Effortless Handling
  • Standing Position Use
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Introducing the Fastway ONESTEP Stabilizing Wheel Chock - Your Key to Trailer Stability! Say Goodbye to Trailer Woes, Tired of your trailer rocking and rolling every time you step inside? Frustrated with the constant worry of spills while cooking or enjoying your morning coffee? The Fastway ONESTEP Stabilizing Wheel Chock is here to put an end to all your trailer stability woes.

  • Total Trailer Control: ONESTEP locks both wheels for worry-free movement inside your trailer, day or night.
  • Upgrade Your Setup: Swap out makeshift chocks for the fastest, no-bend solution available.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Ideal for various trailers: travel, 5th wheels, boats, cargo, horses, farms, and utilities.
  • Effortless Setup & Removal: Slide, lock, and remove in seconds, no more ratcheting hassles.
  • Custom Fit: Easily adjust from 16" to 24" for a secure fit on most tandem axle trailers.
  • Save Time & Hassle: Say goodbye to complicated setups; enjoy quick, customized stability.
  • XL Model Available: Extended axle spacing? Check out ONESTEP XL for larger trailers.

Upgrade your trailer experience with the Fastway ONESTEP Stabilizing Wheel Chock. Say goodbye to the frustration of unstable trailers and hello to a more relaxed and enjoyable time on the road. Order yours today and travel with confidence!

UPC: 856301002447

Reasons to get the Equal-i-zer 84004150 One-Step XL Wheel Chock:

  • Positive Wheel Lock. Securely locks both wheels, preventing unwanted movement.
  • Freedom of Movement. Enjoy the freedom to move around your trailer without the annoyance of wheel motion.
  • Effortless Handling. Set, lock, and remove the ONESTEP chock without the need to bend or kneel.
  • Standing Position Use. Achieve stability with ease, even while standing upright.

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