Rvp Free Delvry Chillgrille U 9470-4231

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Upgrade your RV's cooling system with the 9470-4231 Coleman Mach Air Conditioner Ceiling Assembly Shroud. This essential accessory allows you to convert your existing 9430D715 Ceiling Assembly into a bottom discharge version, enhancing the efficiency and functionality of your air conditioner.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: Transform an installed 9430D715 Ceiling Assembly into a bottom discharge configuration, making it suitable for a wider range of RV setups.
  • Color: This shroud comes in a classic and versatile white color, seamlessly blending with your RV's interior decor.
  • Warranty: Limited 90-Day Warranty included, ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Color: White

Upgrade your RV's climate control system with the 9470-4231 Coleman Mach Air Conditioner Ceiling Assembly Shroud. Experience improved cooling performance and compatibility, all backed by a 90-day limited warranty. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your on-the-road comfort and convenience!

UPC: 755790409426

Reasons to get the Rvp Free Delvry Chillgrille U 9470-4231:

Additional info:

  • Feature1 - Enhanced Compatibility: Convert your existing 9430D715 Ceiling Assembly to bottom discharge, expanding compatibility with various RV setups.
  • Feature2 - Improved Cooling Efficiency: Optimize air distribution for a more comfortable interior environment.
  • Feature3 - Easy Installation: DIY-friendly upgrade with straightforward instructions, no need for professional help.
  • Feature4 - Sleek White Design: Classic white color complements your RV's interior and reflects sunlight, reducing heat buildup.
  • Feature5 - Warranty Included: Enjoy peace of mind with a limited 90-day warranty, ensuring your investment is protected.
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