OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Class C RV Cover, Fits 32' - 35' RVs

  • Effortless Installation
  • All-Weather Protection
  • Maintains Aesthetics
  • Built-In Ventilation
  • Convenient Access

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Are you ready to take your RV protection to the next level? Look no further! The Classic Accessories PolyPro III Deluxe Class C RV Cover Kit is here to safeguard your valuable investment with style and ease.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Installation: Our kit includes a ladder cap for fast and hassle-free fitting, so you can spend more time enjoying your adventures and less time wrestling with your RV cover.
  • All-Weather Protection: Engineered to withstand the harshest elements, this cover offers maximum weather protection. Whether it's rain, snow, or the unforgiving UV rays of the sun, your RV will be shielded from it all.
  • Scratch and Dent Defense: Don't let nicks, scratches, or dirt tarnish your RV's beauty. Our deluxe cover is designed to keep your RV looking pristine, ensuring it's always ready for your next journey.
  • Integrated Air Vent System: Say goodbye to wind stress and inside moisture buildup. Our cover features an integrated air vent system that keeps your RV breathing comfortably, preventing damage caused by condensation.
  • Convenient Access: With strategically placed openings, you can easily access your RV's door and engine area without the hassle of crawling underneath to install attachment straps. Convenience is at your fingertips!

Protect your Class C RV in style with the Classic Accessories PolyPro III Deluxe RV Cover Kit. Elevate your RV ownership experience and hit the road with confidence, knowing your home-away-from-home is shielded by the best in the business. Don't compromise on protection – choose Classic Accessories, where quality meets adventure!

UPC: 52963796636

Reasons to get the OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Class C RV Cover, Fits 32' - 35' RVs:

  • Effortless Installation: Quick and easy setup with included ladder cap.
  • All-Weather Protection: Shields your RV from rain, snow, UV rays, and more.
  • Maintains Aesthetics: Guards against nicks, scratches, and dirt, preserving your RV's appearance.
  • Built-In Ventilation: Prevents moisture buildup and mold with an integrated air vent system.
  • Convenient Access: Easily reach your RV's door and engine area without crawling underneath.

Additional info:

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Choosing Classic Accessories is an affirmation of prioritizing protection and style for your RV and outdoor living spaces. The brand’s ethos of creating durable and aesthetically pleasing cover solutions is reflected in their range of products, setting a high standard for RV protection and outdoor living elegance in the industry. Explore the Classic Accessories collection at RV Gear Pro, and adorn your RV and outdoor spaces with covers and accessories that promise to provide a blend of protection, functionality, and style, ensuring every journey is embarked upon with confidence and flair.