Power Defender Voltage Protector - 55301 - 30a

  • Comprehensive Electrical Protection
  • Auto Connect/Disconnect with Fault Detection
  • Wiring Fault Prevention
  • Integrated Surge Protection
  • Weatherproof and User-Friendly
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Introducing the Camco PowerGrip RV 30-Amp Voltage Protector with Integrated Surge Protection – your ultimate guardian for RV electrical peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • RV Electrical Protection: Shield your RV and valuable appliances from voltage extremes (132 VAC and below 102 VAC) and unexpected power surges with the Camco PowerGrip.
  • Auto Connect/Disconnect Feature: The Camco PowerGrip automatically disconnects from hazardous conditions and reconnects only when normal conditions return, ensuring your RV's safety.
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Illuminate your path to safety with diagnostic LEDs that reveal wiring faults when connecting to the power pedestal.
  • Protection Against Wiring Issues: Beyond voltage, the Camco PowerGrip guards against reverse polarity, open neutral, and other wiring mishaps, preserving your RV's electrical integrity.
  • Integrated Surge Protection: With up to 2,800 Joules of surge protection, this powerhouse defends your appliances from sudden power spikes.
  • PowerGrip Handles: Say goodbye to cord wrestling – Camco's PowerGrip handles make plugging and unplugging effortless.
  • Weather-Resistant: Designed to withstand adverse weather conditions when upright, the Camco PowerGrip remains a reliable companion through all elements.

Don't leave the safety of your RV to chance – equip it with the Camco PowerGrip RV 30-Amp Voltage Protector with Integrated Surge Protection and travel with the peace of mind you deserve. Whether you're on the open road or nestled in the heart of nature, trust in Camco to keep your electrical system secure.

UPC: 14717553018

Reasons to get the Power Defender Voltage Protector - 55301 - 30a:

  • Comprehensive Electrical Protection: Safeguard your camper from dangerous voltage fluctuations and power surges, ensuring peace of mind during your travels.
  • Auto Connect/Disconnect with Fault Detection: Experience worry-free operation with automatic disconnect and reconnect features. Diagnostic LEDs alert you to potential issues, enhancing safety.
  • Wiring Fault Prevention: The protector defends against reverse polarity, open neutral, and other wiring mishaps, preserving the integrity of your camper's electrical system.
  • Integrated Surge Protection: Benefit from integrated surge protection with a robust capacity of up to 2,800 Joules, shielding your camper from sudden power spikes.
  • Weatherproof and User-Friendly: Designed for easy use, this product is weatherproof when installed upright. Its Power Grip handles ensure effortless plugging and unplugging, making it a must-have for RV enthusiasts.

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