Camco 51453 Brown 54" x 120" RV Awning Shade

  • Ample Shade Coverage
  • Universal Fit
  • Size and Style Options
  • Comprehensive Kit
  • Durability & Easy Setup
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Elevate your RV experience with Camco's RV Awning Shade Kit, designed to transform your outdoor space into a cool, comfortable oasis. Crafted with precision and innovation, this shade kit offers a blend of sun-blocking prowess, enhanced privacy, and effortless installation, making it an essential addition to your RV adventures.

Key Features:

  • Sun Protection & Comfort: Camco's RV Awning Shade Kit shields you from harsh sunrays, blocking UV rays and creating a cooler, shaded space beneath your RV awning for a more comfortable outdoor experience.
  • Refreshing Breeze: Our mesh fabric allows cool air to flow, maintaining a comfortable temperature while you relax outdoors, enjoying nature without discomfort.
  • Privacy with a View: Strike a balance between privacy and scenery with our shade kit. It adds privacy without obstructing your surroundings, providing a personal retreat in nature.
  • Effortless Operation: Seamlessly retract the awning shade like a curtain when not in use, remaining securely in place, allowing you to switch between shade and sunshine effortlessly.
  • Universal Fit: Designed to fit most standard RV awnings, measuring 54" x 120" for a snug and secure RV fit.
  • Durable & Protective: Crafted from durable vinyl-coated, woven polyester mesh fabric with UV and flame-retardant protection. Reinforced corners and rust-resistant grommets ensure it withstands the elements.
  • Easy Installation: Installing our RV Awning Shade Kit is a breeze. Hang the shade and secure it with included bungee cords and tent stakes for a shaded oasis in minutes.

Elevate your RV adventures with Camco's RV Awning Shade Kit – Where comfort meets convenience. Make the most of your outdoor space while staying cool, protected, and connected to nature. Transform your RV awning into a haven of relaxation with Camco today!

UPC: 14717514538

Reasons to get the Camco 51453 Brown 54" x 120" RV Awning Shade:

  • Ample Shade Coverage. Extends shade under your RV awning, reducing sun exposure.
  • Universal Fit. Compatible with most RV awnings for effortless installation.
  • Size and Style Options. Measuring 54"x120" in brown for generous coverage and style.
  • Comprehensive Kit. Includes awning shade, bungee cords, tent stakes, and support straps.
  • Durability & Easy Setup. Built to last with rust-resistant grommets, UV and flame protection, and a simple installation process for your convenience.

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