Caframo Ultimate. 12V Lighter Plug Fan for Boats and Campers. Easy to Clean. Black, 5.25" x 2.5" x 8.0"

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Industry recognized and a longtime favorite of sailors! The Ultimate fan offers a compact design, grill- free whisper-quiet operation, low power draw and two speeds, resulting in maximum airflow and making it the top choice for sailors heading to hot, humid climates. Specifications Dimensions: 5. 25" x 2. 5" x 8. 0" Draw: 12 Volt: Low 0. 28A – High 0. 41A CFM: 150-200 CFM Care and Maintenance The Ultimate requires very little maintenance. Unplug the unit before cleaning. A vacuum can be used to clear the heater of any dust build-up, and a dry cloth may be used to wipe the outer surface. Do not attempt to open the unit to clean. Do not use gasoline, thinner or other harsh chemicals to clean the fan.