Caframo Bora. 12V Marine Fan. Direct Wire, Low Draw, 5000 Hour Motor Life. White, 6.5” x 3.0” x 9.5”

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The quietest and most powerful marine fan in its class! The Bora 748, 12-volt fan, is designed to deliver the features needed to solve any on-board airflow challenge. The Bora features a long-life motor with centre push control, grills on front and back and built-in handle for easy up/down or side-to-side positioning. Specifications Dimensions: 6.5” x 3.0” x 9.5”Draw: 12Volt: Low 0.15A, Med 0.18A, High 0.27ACFM: 100-130 CFMCare and Maintenance The Bora requires very little maintenance. Unplug the unit before cleaning. A vacuum can be used to clear the heater of any dust build-up, and a dry cloth may be used to wipe the outer surface. Do not attempt to open the unit to clean. Do not use gasoline, thinner or other harsh chemicals to clean the fan.