BikeBase Tongue Adapter for Let's Go Aero Double Bike Carrier on Trailers

Let's Go Aero
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Haul two bikes from your trailer with the BikeBase tongue adapter and the Let's Go Aero® Bike Wing™ from Lippert™. This versatile carrier gives you the freedom to choose how you haul your bikes. When combined with a BikeBase™ adapter, you can hook your bike up to a boat, cargo, rental, personal, watercraft or commercial trailer. And when attached to a Bump-It receiver, you can easily haul with your vehicle's hitch.The Bike Wing double carrier comes fully equipped with foam bumpers and the new SwayControl™ system enhance the rack’s natural stability and protects the bicycle finish, adjustable wheel cradles and SwayStop™ straps secure the bike wheels to the bike carrier for a secure ride, NoMotion™ pins to minimize wobble and can be padlocked for security and comes with two extra SwayStop™ pins and rubber straps and the optional Stinger™ attachment assembly.Whether you’re on the road or on the water, Lippert supplies a broad array of premium RV, towing, and marine products designed to enhance all of your recreational pursuits. Our team is committed to always thinking about your next journey — pushing the possibilities of our products and services, all to better your time spent outdoors, whenever, wherever, for years to come.