Dimmer Switch Universal On/Off 016-BL4001

  • Universal Compatibility
  • Multi-Light Control
  • Precision Dimming
  • LED Excellence
  • Safety and Ease

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Upgrade your lighting experience with our Universal Dimmer Switch, designed to effortlessly transform the ambiance of any space. Whether you have LED or incandescent fixtures, this versatile dimmer switch is your key to achieving the perfect lighting level with ease. 

Key Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with 12V DC systems, ideal for both LED and incandescent fixtures.
  • Multi-Light Control: Handles multiple lights on one circuit, up to 5 amps, enabling synchronized dimming.
  • Precision Dimming: Fine-tune lighting from 12V down to 0V for complete ambiance control.
  • LED Compatibility: Excellently dims LED lights; note exceptions with pre-set voltage levels on some LED fixtures.
  • Safety Assurance: Internal fuse protection prioritizes safety while adjusting lighting.
  • Smooth Dimming: Gradual, incremental dimming stages for a seamless transition to any desired light level.
  • Easy Reset: Reset by holding down the switch for 5 seconds, restoring default settings for customization.
  • Interior Use: Designed for indoor spaces like homes, offices, and restaurants, enhancing your chosen environment.

Upgrade your lighting control and experience the difference with our Universal 12V DC Dimmer Switch. Elevate your lighting game and create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Get yours today and take control of your lighting like never before!

UPC: 711217019388

Reasons to get the Dimmer Switch Universal On/Off 016-BL4001:

  • Universal Compatibility: Ideal for LED and incandescent fixtures, this dimmer works seamlessly with 12V DC systems.
  • Multi-Light Control: Control multiple lights together, up to 5 amps, for synchronized dimming convenience.
  • Precision Dimming: Fine-tune lighting from 12V to 0V, perfecting your desired ambiance.
  • LED Excellence: Exceptional dimming for LED lights, with some exceptions for pre-set voltage LEDs.
  • Safety and Ease: Internal fuse protection ensures safety during adjustments, while smooth dimming and easy reset enhance indoor spaces.

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