ACCEL 9070C Spark Plug Wire Set - Extreme 9000 Ceramic Boot - LS Terminals LS3/LS4/LS7

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ACCEL's Extreme 9000 ceramic wire sets make burnt plug-wire boots a thing of the past. Not enough room in your engine bay? Not enough room to work around your headers? No problem – the ceramic boots on the spark plug end of these specially designed wire kits withstand temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The ceramic coating acts as a heat mirror, reflecting infrared energy and heat away from the plug boot, and it's engineered to resist flaking and peeling. 8mm Ferro-Spiral core double-silicone wires deliver maximum energy to the spark plugs with built-in RFI/EMI suppression for street-driven vehicles. Already cut to factory length, these ultra-high temperature wires are rated at 600 degrees Fahrenheit, have 500-Ohms/ft. resistance, feature stainless-steel terminals, and are available in both straight and right-angle configurations.